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Relax and be more confident

A wonderful power nap is a good thing to do every so often - this 20-minute relaxation will do more than just recharg...

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Conquer your fear of spiders - coming soon

Those pesky eight-legged things that cause you so much anxiety. A relaxing download to help you think of them ca...

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Revision and Exam Confidence

A three module course to help reprogram the mind for fast learning. Three instructional videos and three MP3 downloads.

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Flying with confidence.

A relaxing meditation reprograming your mind to remove the anxiety and fear of flying. Enjoy travelling!

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Sleep well - wake refreshed - coming soon.

Coming soon - A night time relaxing meditation leading to sleeping deeply and waking fully refreshed.

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Shift my weight - coming soon

Coming soon - a six-week course to help you change from big portions, binge eating, nibbling and 'cheating' with your...

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